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This is the full range of our Metal Health Club apparel made for all kind of running and training. Always made with a lifestyle approach.
DOXA Run Tanner Tee MHC Tee SS Black 02

Tanner Tee MHC - Black

700,00 kr
DOXA Run Julian Jacket MHC Jacket Black 02

Julian Jacket MHC - Black

1.400,00 kr
DOXA Run Titus Tights MHC Tights Black 02

Titus Tights MHC - Black

900,00 kr
DOXA Run Tanner Tee MHC Tee SS White 01

Tanner Tee MHC - White

700,00 kr
DOXA Run Troy Tee MHC Tee SS Navy Melange 55 Sale

Troy Tee MHC - Navy Melange

350,00 kr
DOXA Run Terry Tee LS MHC Tee LS Navy Melange 55 Sale

Terry Tee LS MHC - Navy Melange

450,00 kr