Runner from the Kenswed Academy wearing DOXA run

The brand - DOXA

DOXA is developed by and for runners, designed in Denmark, produced in Europe. Conceived in the ever-changing Scandinavian climate, our products are adapted to all situations, setting new standards for merging high end fashion with technical running apparel into an urban, functional design.

With more than 20 years of running and fashion experience we have a deep understanding of a runners' needs - protecting against wind, rain and snow in the winter and keeping us calm, dry and fast in the summer.

We support with Swedish NGO Global Relations by providing running gear to Kenswed Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. The academy was setup in collaboration with Kenyan marathon runner Isaac Macharia to offer youngsters from nearby slums a safe haven for education and training to fulfill their athletic aspirations. 

The founder - John Hansen

"Running has been a part of my live ever since my mom rode her bicycle next to me on country roads to keep angry farm dogs away. Whenever I run, I enter a space where time stands still. It's just me, my legs, and the sound of my breath. Running is my way to clear my head and find perspective on life. And I won't accept gear that doesn't work as hard as I do."

- John Hansen, DOXA founder and owner

A life-long competitive runner with a professional background in fashion, John Hansen launched DOXA in 2016, in search of technical solutions that would satisfy the wide range of Scandinavian weather conditions, with a fresh design approach to technical and functional running apparel of supreme quality. 

Founder and owner of DOXA run - John Hansen

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