Obsessed with running

DOXA is launching a new collaboration with Danish musician When Saints Go Machine that combines a shared aesthetic and an obsession with running.

Together, DOXA and WSGM have designed two functional t-shirts made from recycled lightweight material and reflective prints. The graphics made by Alpine Office are inspired by the new WSGM material soon to be released.

You can purchase your DOXA x WSGM t-shirt here at and we are offering sizes from small to x-large.

Price is 500dkr in Denmark, €70 in Europe and 70$ for the rest of the world. Remember - we are shipping worldwide.

Shop the collaboration here.

DOXA RUN x When Saints Go Machine troy tee F1

Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild in DOXA RUN x Whens Saints Go Machine troy tee f2

It feels like a vacuum 

The life of a musician, spending his days in the depths of the recording studio or performing at festivals, is not an obvious fit for long runs. For WSGM leadsinger Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, however, the combination serves as the foundation for both physical and artistic expression.

"It can be hard to escape all the thoughts that go in to the music and sometimes I find it hard to keep track of it all. It feels like a vacuum I get sucked into and after I finish something I always get a weird sense of loneliness. Over the past years I've found that running somehow gathers my thoughts without me even thinking of anything. When I'm running the only pure thought is that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. Now I try recall that feeling when I'm writing music. Although it might not always feel like it. Every step is forward", says Nikolaj. 


"Felony" is a song about how violent loneliness and having the feeling of never really fitting in anywhere can be and trying to cope with it. So "This Ones For All The Lonely People In The World Past Midnight". That share the same feeling.

Read more about When Saints Go Machine here.

Thanks to:

Photographer - Simon Birk

Graphics - Alpine Studio

3D animation - Good For You Studio

Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild in DOXA RUN x Whens Saints Go Machine troy tee f2

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