Think Global, Act Local

The DOXA are cooperating with Swedish NGO Global Relations, who established The Kenswed Academy in Nairobi with the Kenyan marathon runner Isaac Macharia (marathon PB 2:07:16 min.) At The Kenswed Academy young people from difficult circumstances are selected and the purpose is to help out of the slums through education.

DOXA run are supporting students from The Kenswed Academy with running kits each season.

The Kenswed Academy is located outside of Nairobi in Kenya.

Ngong Hills - Kenya

The school is located in the scenic Ngong Hills outside Nairobi - Kenya, away from the slums’ stench from garbage, insecurity and hysteria.The school is intended for young people in Nairobi’s slums that for economic or social reasons cannot attend school. Here, students can focus on their studies and feel good together with their peers.

Become part of something bigger than running

In this group there is talented runners, who runs everyday and dreaming of the shortcut to the good life - the chance to participate in the championships around the world.

These talents don't have the same options on what to wear for running because of their poverty and that is why DOXA each season are donating running kits to The Kenswed Academy.

Read more about Global Relations and The Kenswed Academy here.

DOXA run is supporting running talents from The Kenswed Academy with running apparel each season.

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