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Running has been part of my life for as long as I can remember,
since I was a boy when my mom cycled next to me on country roads to keep angry farm dogs away.
In my teenage years, hunger to win medals at the national championships – on track and road – pushed me to my limits, 
running kilometer after kilometer, day after day.

Today I’m still running a lot, but my mindset has changed since the years
when I believed that injuries happened to weak runners and the only thing that put the brakes on my training was the limit of 24 hours in a day.

These days I know my body and my limits. It’s not race day everyday anymore.
Not that I have lost my ambitions. I never train without a new PB in mind. But when I’m running now I go into this space where time stands still.
It’s me and only me: my legs and the sound of my breath.
I use my running as a therapy, to clear my head and find perspective on life.

One of the incredible things about living in Scandinavia is how the changing seasons affect our surroundings as runners. 

The same route alters so much over the year, from the sharp, bright light reflecting in the snow on a frozen path to the heat of summer,
when the smell of freshly cut grass powers your legs each meter in the park after work.
With conditions like this, we need running apparel to perform – protecting against wind, rain and snow in the cold winter and
keeping us calm, dry and fast in the summer as we chase our next PB.

In any of these moments I won’t accept gear that doesn’t work as hard I do, and it needs to look cool at the same time.

There is no reason not to look fly when you are flying!

My passion for running has only grown stronger over the years as I have established a career in fashion.
DOXA was born out of my search for the perfect running kit.

Keep on running!

John Hansen, founder