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ISPO Münich is the world's largest multi-segment tradefair and has just launched an article about 7 cool brands that are beyond the big players.

Read more about DOXA and our strong friends in the sports industry here. has featured DOXA as one of 7 cool brands that are beyond the big players.

Press - UNDO Ordinary

UNDO started off at a fitness pop-up in New York and acts today as a median between people, athletes and opportunity. They make wellness digestible for everyone. They are street athletes that are harness the power of community to educate people on to how better care for their bodies. They are a mash up of culture and movement. Fueled by the ethos that there is no finishline. 

Read what they say about the latest DOXA collection here 

UNDO Ordinary latest post about DOXA Transitions AW19

Press - Sportswear International

Sportswear International is a global interest magazine for the denim, sports- and streetwear industry. Journalist Julia Mönnich has done a great job with this article, where DOXA among others are explaining about the new kind of runners and the evolving running scene, where social crews are popping all over the world.  

Get a quick idea about the running scene anno 2019 here.

Sportswear International - Why running is the new cool - Doxa Run is featured.

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