Conceived in the ever-changing Scandinavian climate, our products are adapted to all situations, setting new standards for merging high end fashion with technical running apparel into an urban, functional design.

A life-long competitive runner with a professional background in fashion, John Hansen launched DOXA in 2016, in search of technical solutions that would satisfy the wide range of Scandinavian weather conditions, with a fresh design approach to technical and functional running apparel of supreme quality.

”Running has been a part of my live ever since my mom rode her bicycle next to me on country roads to keep angry farm dogs away. Whenever I run, I enter a space where time stands still. It's just me, my legs, and the sound of my breath.”

”Running is my way to clear my head and find perspective on life. And I won't accept gear that doesn't work as hard as I do.”

John Hansen, DOXA founder and owner